For some time now it has been coming clearer that God has placed walking with young men on my heart as the next stage of what He wants me to do.
I’ve worked in secondary schools for over 30 years, and whilst I have pastored and supported many girls in that time there has always been a particular call and gifting when working with lads. And now I see that that extends to men in their 20s (and above) too.
“Walking with young men” means being available, it means being ready to share the good times and the bad, being a shoulder to rest on, cry on or even to thump. It isn’t about taking over from current church leaders or trying to start a new group. As one of those teenage lads I have worked with before put it:
“It is not only the teachings you have given me and my friends. It is the commitment, patience love and care. You have led us wisely and really sensitively. Everyone in the school fellowship group has an official leader ‘before’ you - a youth leader, vicar, etc. but you encourage each one of us, never trying to intrude on any other work but complementing it so effectively.”
Photo of GeoffThat is what I now feel called to do more broadly. To start with I am planning simply a weekly recorded talk, linked with a download sheet such as this one and to start a Facebook page (invitation only). We’ll see where it goes. If you want to join in, or invite friends to, that’s great.

Geoff Lumley

E: geoff.lumley@tfgministries.org.uk


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